Thursday, September 24, 2009

Do you know your thyroid?

I was talking to my Mom on the phone today (Hi Mom!) and my thyroid came up and I realized I do not think I took my thyroid medicine today. No wonder I am tired, well that and the fact that I have 2 year old twins, a busy 6 year old and a new puppy. I am a huge believer in natural thyroid replacement, I tried synthroid and had a bad reaction. My right eye twitched nonstop, plus synthroid only replaces your T4. Your thyroid also needs T3 and natural thyroid replacement also includes T1 and T2.

I currently will take any natural thyroid that I can get my hands on. There is a major shortage, well that is what they are calling it anyway. The FDA has some sneaky things up their sleeves and it is nearly impossible to get your hands on Armour, Nature-throid and Westhroid. I currently take Nature-throid and love it, I was on Armour previously and loved that till the reformulation. When my TSH is high my hair falls out, my nails break off, I gain weight, have joint pain and major fatigue. All the same symptoms as a lupus flare.

Before I was diagnosed hypothyroid I had no idea what your thyroid does. It pretty much controls different aspects of your whole body. You should regularly check your thyroid to see if it is enlarged. Tilt your head back and run your hands down the front part of your neck on either side. If one side feels enlarged you may have a nodule. Get to know your thyroid, your body depends on it.


  1. Hugs! Remember that medicine when you have it! :) Sorry it's so hard to come by, though. That is crappy!

    Thanks for the tip on checking your thyroid. I tried it right away, of course. I have no idea whether I did it right or not, but nothing felt weird. I guess that's a good sign!

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